No less than any other nation

From Thairath, April 14, 2013
Cartoon title: No less than any other nation

Top left: England has Stonehenge, Thailand has the Hopewell pillars. [Hopewell pillars are a legacy of an aborted mega transport project between the State Railway Authority of Thailand and the Hopewell Co., Ltd. (Thailand).]

Top middle: Italy has the leaning tower of Pisa, Thailand has the leaning tower of Rangsit [Reference is to an apartment under construction in Rangsit, Pathum Thani which began to topple.]

Top right: Bagdad has the world wonder Hanging Gardens of Babylon, Thailand has floating toilets of SCG [SCG floating toilets were produced by the SCG Foundation and its subsidiaries to donate to people who were affected by the 2011 flood.]

Bottom left: Japanese hunt for whales in international waters, Thais hunt for elephants in national parks. [referring to recent news of elephants being hunted in national parks]

Bottom middle: The Netherlands have the red light district, Thailand has the red light parliament. [The red light parliament in Thailand sarcastically refers to several parliament meetings that had to be terminated (halted like at a red traffic light) because of a lack of quorum. “Tiger-lion-bull-rhinoceros” is a Thai saying that refers to wily and experienced people who are likely to take advantage of a situation and reap rewards and thus can be dangerous to be around. Other examples are here and here.]

Bottom right: Greece has the extreme populism, Thailand also has the utmost one.
On the ship: populism [refers to Thaksin and the Pheu Thai Party’s populist promises]

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