No fraud!


From Manager, June 7, 2016
Left: Red Shirt leader Jatuporn: Everyone starts to fight against fraud now…
On the backdrop: Referendum – No fraud – Not cancel
Some of the seated people are other prominent Red Shirts such as Vithaya Buranasiri, Viphuthalaeng Pattanaphumthai, Nattawut Saikua, Thida Thanvornseth, and Weng Tojirakarn
Right: Viphuthaleang: You’re taking a bribe!
Nattawut: You’re cheating on donated funds!
Weng: You are the one who cheating on donated funds!
Man fighting Weng: You’re taking the bribe!

[This refers to the Red Shirt’s anti-fraud center established with the aim to monitor the draft constitution referendum. This is likely a Thaksin/Red Shirt strategy to allege that after the referendum that the outcome is false and thus the new charter is a fraud that need not be respected.
The joke of the cartoon is that it is ironic that the Red Shirts are opening an anti-fraud center when their own movement has always been riven with raucous accusations of corruption and kickbacks.
Although rarely covered in the English-language press, continual Red Shirt infighting over proper use of money has been the bane of the movement.
It appears that corruption accusations are used as a method for Red Shirt leaders to eliminate rivals and move up the chain of command. Accusations have also been used to sideline and isolate Red Shirt factions that demonstrate independence in advocating a break from Thaksin control.
It is also interesting to note the “Not cancel” admonition that appears on the Red Shirt backdrop (in real life as in this cartoon).
This is a key part of their push against the junta in all their anti-charter activities. It is a demand that the referendum not be canceled and to make clear that they are not asking for further delays to fix the charter.
The movement was earlier stung by just such a gambit when they frantically demanded the junta’s handpicked body vote down an earlier charter draft. The assumption was that the junta would never accede to Red Shirt demands and thus the Red Shirts could act as aggrieved as possible in the face of certain defeat.
Instead, the charter committee voted down the draft thus adding at least a year more until elections.
Since then the Red Shirts have pushed hard against the charter and the junta while always making sure “Not cancel” is part of their rhetoric as well.]

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