No enough masks

From Manager, February 10, 2020
Left caption: They do not want it… but you go and give it out.
Health Minister Anutin: I give out, but you do not want it!… I will force you out of the country.
Right caption: Want it… but all sold out.
Sign: The masks are all sold out!

[Recently, Health Minister Anutin attempted to conduct a photo-op by handing out face masks to people at a Skytrain station. After some foreigners waved off his offer of masks, Anutin lost this temper in front of the press, blasting the “fucking farangs” along with other comments saying they should be “kicked out of Thailand.”
The cartoonist jokes that, while government ministers are trying to make a big show of handing out masks, many stores are completely sold out. This situation has been pointed out as showing the government is not doing enough to ensure the supply of masks during this crisis.]

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