No corruption in the army

From Thairath, March 29, 2018
Title: I do not allow corruption in the army.
Black bags at left: GT 200. Thai veteran organization. The secret budget. Buy weapons. [these are all corruption scandals the military has been involved in]
PM Prayuth holds Deputy PM Prawit whose arms are covered with expensive watches. PM Prawit has been accused of having undeclared wealth due to the very expensive watches he was been seen wearing.
Mouse man: Easy to prohibit… but hard to do. [meaning it is easy to say there is no corruption, but it is difficult to make sure there is none in practice]
Mouse: Teaches baby crabs. [From the fable, “The Mother Crab and Her Son” meaning you cannot tell someone to do something when you will not do it. Here, it means that Prayuth cannot just declare there is no corruption and not to be corrupt when obviously he has little interest in tackling the corruption around him.]

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