No answers under this junta

From Thairath, November 25, 2017
Title: National Agenda
On the picture: Freezing room 4.0 [meaning a room where corpses are kept]
On the organs: Human rights
Phi Nooring: Only came here for studying, but why did he have to die?
Mouse: In the darkness
Skull: Even 100 people died, they still can’t find who was responsible for it.
On a paper on the left: In the process of conducting an autopsy

[Refers to the darkness of human rights in Thailand under the junta. This cartoonist ridicules the junta that is promoting a more modern Thailand under their ‘Thailand 4.0’ strategy. The recent death of a teenage army cadet and the loss of his organs in the military autopsy process couple with initial army denials and callous statements seems to illustrate that human rights remain unimportant to the junta despite their rhetoric.
The cartoonist also points out that the unsolved deaths during the Red Shirt’s 2010 protest in Bangkok also indicates that there is little regard for human rights under the junta.]

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