No alliance for the Democrats!

From Manager, October 16, 2018
PM Prayuth: Phalang Pracharat… Thai Citizen… People’s Reform… Action Coalition for Thailand… [political groupings that are pro-junta]
Thaksin: Pheu Thai… Pheu Tham… Pheu Chat… Prachachat… Future Forward… [political groupings that are pro-Thaksin]
Abhisit, leader of the Democrat Party: Prachathipat… Prachathipiek… Prachthipod… Prachthipeuay… Prachathipood… [these are nonsense words describing various negative attributes of the Democrats]
Caption: Three groups checking their alliances

[Refers to the three major political leaders–PM Prayuth, Thaksin and Abhisit. All consequential political cliques and parties can be confidently grouped under these three leaders (except Chartthaipattana which is a political party designed to be able to be a part of any government coalition).
In the cartoon, the leaders are counting their alliances. With the new constitution essentially penalizing larger parties, both the junta and Thaksin have cleverly organized their supporting PMs into smaller political parties.
The cartoonist notes that Abhisit, leader of the Democrats, does not seem to have any such alliances. Apart from “Phachathipat” (which is the name of of the Democrat Party in Thai) the other parites do not exist.
The cartoon uses the word “prachathi” and adds words at the end to describe the Democrat Party’s assumed weaknesses. For example, “pod” means “lying,” “peuay” means “weakness,” and “pood” means “disclose a secret.” We are not sure about “piek.”]

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