No 99-year land leases!


From Manager, January 20, 2016
Man in Chinese dress: Hmmm… one day I will definitely make you pay…
A Westerner is holding a paper that reads: Hong Kong rental contract – 99 years
Left caption: Resentment from hundred years ago.
Modern Chinese man with Chinese yuan in his hand hold a paper that reads: Thailand rental contract – 99 years
Right caption: The payback day (today).

[This refers to the nationalistic backlash against Thailand increasing it leasing terms for non-Thais to 99 years. Such terms would bring Thailand into line with standards in the region–particularly rival Vietnam.  This 99-year lease policy is going to become a vexing issue for Big Too and Khun Somkid as so many PDRC men, KPT men and even several Democrat men showing strong disapproval against this 99 year lease. ]

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