No 99-year land leases!


From Manager, January 20, 2016
Man in Chinese dress: Hmmm… one day I will definitely make you pay…
A Westerner is holding a paper that reads: Hong Kong rental contract – 99 years
Left caption: Resentment from hundred years ago.
Modern Chinese man with Chinese yuan in his hand hold a paper that reads: Thailand rental contract – 99 years
Right caption: The payback day (today).

[This refers to the nationalistic backlash against Thailand increasing it leasing terms for non-Thais to 99 years. Such terms would bring Thailand into line with standards in the region–particularly rival Vietnam.  This 99-year lease policy is going to become a vexing issue for Big Too and Khun Somkid as so many PDRC men, KPT men and even several Democrat men showing strong disapproval against this 99 year lease. ]

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One Response to No 99-year land leases!

  1. Wiz says:

    the Nationalistic columnist sending the strong message OPPOSING the Medical Hub Policies of Thai government as it is the policies of pleasing Foreigners to earn more hard currencies at the expenses of Thai people – Thai people’s interests must come first and foremost of all – Foreigners’ interests would be considered if their interests are not at our own expenses; otherwise, it will be rejected. This is another political and economic headache for Big Too government other than 99 year leasing

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