From 2002: Thaksin and Absolute Power

The link is long gone and the article itself has disappeared from the net and history, but this article was a good example of the controversy and praise Thaksin generated during his time in office: Absolute power from the Washington Post

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3 Responses to From 2002: Thaksin and Absolute Power

  1. David Brown says:

    and the ones criticising Thaksin were……………..

    the royals and elites with the military that already wielded “near absolute” power in Thailand, repressing the ordinary people and riding on their backs to “near infinite” wealth and power

    were just a tad worried that Thaksin might introduce democratic peoples choice rulers to threaten their position

  2. Major Fordson says:

    I guess those people were also the same who thought he was wonderful for a few years. Everything changes, but nothing really changes!

    DB’s comments are a bit of a waste of time here, since few Thai elite read this page. Not that they would listen anyway. no more than thaksin was ever capable of really listening.

    Ever wonder why there is so little fanfare over Thailand’s first woman PM? Presumably because most people – even those who voted for her – are already very aware that she will look every bit as bad as Abhiset by the end of her term. Her own brother was in deep political doodoo until the military gave him a reprieve by organizing a farcical coup.

    That’s how local politics works, and nothing short of a bona fide reformer is ever likely to change it. One can hardly live in hope that this will happen anytime soon – if ever.

  3. Wiz says:

    Yah, Yinglux looks more like a bimbo despite fo the intensive training by none other than EE Sudarat, arch-rival against EE Photjaman who is the puppet master ….

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