NHK Footage of Wartime Thailand (1941-1944)

[Thanks to Krasin for pointing this out.]

02-1941 Japanese officials inspecting Thai-French Indochina conflict fighting grounds in Cambodia

05-1941 Bangkok military parade in celebration of victory over French Indochina

12-1941 Japanese troops entering Bangkok

06-1942 Victory Monument opening ceremony

07-1942 High-ranking Japanese official visiting Bangkok

01-1943 Thai and Japanese officials signing treaty

03-1943 HMS Sri Ayudhaya and crew

04-1943 Group marriage ceremony at Government House

07-1943 Yuwachon Taharn marching + Government Savings Bank + Musical and dance school

07-1943 Japanese PM Tojo in Thailand and SE Asian countries

08-1943 Thai troops marching in celebration of the annexation of four Malaya states

09-1943 Japanese PM Tojo in Bangkok

04-1944 RTAF officers training with newly received Japanese fighting aircraft

09-1944 B-29 raiding Bangkok

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