Newspapers from 1964 and 1965

From Kietisak, August 7, 1965
Dying Textile workers strike against employers
Vijitra holds the white flag (of defeat) over article 17 of the government
Asked Tawee to stay at home in Sapankwai temporary
2 diamond traders killed each other at the golf field, Suan Lumpini

Front page from 1964

From Bangkok Times, July 20, 1964

The headline reads: Daughter of Sarit reveals life - Blocked from seeing her father until his death - Field Marshal Sarit‘s soul came to her in a dream.

Do a ceremony to meet Field Marshal Por ["Por" is the nickname of Praek Piboonsongkram] - Sarit asked to drink young coconut milk [young coconut milk is normally used as offering in many Thai ordinary/ local ceremony hosted for spirituals]

The important person confirmed Field Marshal Por separated from Sarit [Sarit died in December of the previous year, the only Thai PM to die in office. ]

Eldest daughter of Field Marshal Sarit gives interview to the Bangkok Times telling her depressing life story since divorce of parents - Saying that Sarit sent diamond pendant for her - She sobbingly asked  to see her father, but was prevented until after his death 


Bangkok Times, March 6, 1964 - The headlines read: Sarit’s mistress/concubine [minor wife] - Not to face broken home situation and hopeful for support

Survive because of a charm [Buddhist image] - Senior colonel revealed the miracle - The Bangkok Times reveals the latest miracle of Luang Poh Tuad [revered monk whose charms are greatly cherished for miraculous power] who  was well known by Thai people for the miracle life saving of the high-ranked soldier unbelievably

Revelation of the estate case of His Excellency Field Marshal Sarit Thanarat that could be well disputed... many mistresses are to be supported and not to wander

Left: Vertigo ad from Bangkok Times, March 6, 1964

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