Newspaper Front Pages from the Cremation Ceremony

From Thairath, October 26, 2017
A series of cover pages memorializing the late monarch.

From Krunthep Turakit, October 25, 2017
Main cover reads: Return to the heaven. His benevolence will be remembered in Thai people’s hearts eternally.

From Daily News, October 26, 2017
Main cover reads: King Rama X concerned about his people. He gives mats for people to protect from the heat [from the road surface]. Stay in the rain to attend the royal cremation.
Yellow box at left: Issue for remembrance of King Rama IX

From Daily News Sport, October 26, 2017
Main cover reads: His benevolence will be in our hearts. The King of Sport

From Khao Sod, October 26, 2017
Black box at top: Special with an insert picture of the late King who will be in our hearts for eternity.
Poem at center of page: He returns to the heaven. Gods and the people bid farewell. His merits lead him to nirvana. He will be remembered in people’s hear forever.
Black box on the bottom left: The nation bids farewell to the late King to return the heaven.
Green box: The cremation of H. M. King Rama IX. Crowds in Sanam Luang to pay respects to the late King. The nation bids farewell to the late King return to the heaven. The cremation. (Read more page 2)

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