New Year’s Eve in Bangkok December 2005


New Year's Eve in Bangkok - December 31, 2005
The Central World Plaza (formerly World Trade Center) is one of the main areas where people gather for the new year's eve countdown.

Above and below: Note the hundreds of digital camera and mobile phone screens capturing the festivities.

Over the years, crowds at major events in Thailand have grown larger and larger with little attempt to keep lanes of movement open or manage the flow of people in any way. This year, particularly in front of the Arnoma Hotel (just to the right in these photos) the crowds became panicky with pushing and shoving and personnel from the hotel preventing people from escaping the crush over the hotel wall. It seems unless some attention is paid to crowd control, someday there will likely be a crowd-related tragedy.



(Photo: Undated postcard)
"(Siam) A Groupe of the people" - December 31, 2005

Year of the dog - January 1, 2006
Front page new year's cartoon from Thai Rath - It is a kind of play on words:
Hello year of the dog (pi jor) pi = year, jor = dog
Jor. jangwa = Time to be a new rich person, entrepreneur
Jor. jackpot = Get money from a jackpot game from your luck
Jor. khao jua = Meet a girlfriend or your partner who has white skin and is beautiful
Jor. jer = Meet your bride or groom
Jor. jaoni = Someone will borrow or be your debt (you will have lots of money for people to borrow)
Jor. jebkhai = Recover from your sickness
Jor. pijor = The year of the dog is quite good for you

New Year's Eve newspaper cartoons - December 31, 2005

Front page new year's cartoon from Thai Rath - It is a kind of play on words:
Bye bye chicken year [2005 was the year of the chicken]
Kor. kai = bird flu
Kor. kradok = corruption
Kor. kinruab = only those that run the lottery get rich
Kor. kodkhi = oppress the freedom of the media
Kor. kaolao = fighting by insulting each other
Kor. kekzim = disheartened
Kor. kaojeng = exhausted
Kor. klaeng = the chicken annoys and should go away

[It is interesting to note that 2004, the year of the monkey, was also considered a bad and annoying year.]

Front page new year's cartoon from Khao Sod - Goodbye Chicken year
Biggest personalities of the year from left to right: Benlo (superstar Kataleeya Mcintosh who led to people to believe that she was not pregnant--she was fat because she drank Benlo liquid medicine), Argoo (head of Grammy who tried to buy the Bangkok Post and Matichon), Sonthi, Thaksin

(Photo: Undated postcard)

Happy New Year from - December 31, 2005
In Thai it says Laksanawong, a classic work by Sunthorn Phu written nearly 200 years ago.


Central World Plaza - December 30, 2006
Above and below: One major area for Bangkok's New Year festivities is at Central World Plaza.



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