Obscene Jockey Billboard

(Photo: 2Bangkok.com)
Jockey billboard - February 12, 2005
We received 23 requests for 2B to post a photo of the offending Jockey billboard (Groups call for removal of ‘obscene’ underwear ads, The Nation, February 11, 2005). Interestingly enough, almost all the requests were from overseas Thais. So here is a photo (left) of the billboard and its surroundings near Ratchayothin intersection. It has been there for possibly a year already.

VENUS'S VISION: Keep your hands off of my morals! - The Nation, February 12, 2005
...The Consumer Protection Board was indeed able to find a law that plainly states: “Advertising must not promote illegal or immoral behaviour or cause cultural damage.” But who is qualified to determine right and wrong for a society and culture? Which is worse: a man lounging around with his girlfriend in their underwear or a prime-time soap opera featuring a hero who rapes the heroine?...

‘Obscene’ ads taken down - The Nation, February 16, 2005

(Photo: 2Bangkok.com)

John Henry ad - February 1, 2005
This ad at a Skytrain station for clothier John Henry reads You're only young once.
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