New York Times: Thailand’s Democratic Way Out

Thailand’s Democratic Way Out – New York Times, February 1, 2014
[Thanks to Tom for pointing this out.]
…The only way forward for Thailand is to hold reforms in order to strike a more viable balance between the majority and the minority. The Yingluck administration has deployed its unassailable parliamentary majority to ram through disastrous policies, such as an amnesty bill that would have absolved Thaksin of corruption charges. But electoral winners cannot do as they please after scoring at the ballot box; they must accommodate the interests of the losers more openly and more systematically.
On the other hand, the electoral minority should not hold the country hostage to get its way. Mr. Suthep’s camp has blocked parts of central Bangkok, obstructed advance voting and called for overthrowing Ms. Yingluck — all in the name of creating a “people’s council” to spearhead reforms. His attempt at such a citizens’ coup has polarized Thailand and put off foreign investors, diplomats and tourists…

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