New York Times: Hit-and-Run Case Seen as Reflection of Inequality in Thailand

Hit-and-Run Case Seen as Reflection of Inequality in Thailand – New York Times, September 3, 2013
…Pornanand Glanprasert, the older brother of the dead policeman, said in an interview on Monday that he was not so sure.
“If you are common people like us, I think the case is already finished,” Mr. Pornanand said.
Mr. Vorayuth, he said, “is powerful, has many connections and a lot of money.”
“He is going to try very hard not to be charged — or at the very least to get a suspended sentence or no punishment at all,” he said.

Some things never change: Chalerm and “the brawling brats of the Thai Elite”
The Untouchables – Time, November 26, 2001
…In Thailand, being from the right family too often counts for more than being right. The scions of privileged military and business families have sometimes literally gotten away with murder. There are scant repercussions when a well-to-do ne’er-do-well has a few too many drinks and throws a few too many punches, even when some unlucky Thai ends up dead…

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