New Year’s Verses from Thairath

From Thairath, December 31, 2012
By Chai Ratchwat
Cartoon title: Goodbye the year of big snake
The verse reads: In the year of big snake, we dream a big and beautiful dream. Dream about winning a lotto or getting rich from stocks. Want a love like the one between Tak and Boonchai. Alas! it’s too far to reach for. Enjoy dreaming till the year end comes. Suddenly wake up and feel lonely. But can’t stop dreaming. Recharge energy, and follow our dreams to the 3G era. Dream on for one more year.
[Tak is Bongkoch Kongmalai, a popular movie star who is engaged, at age 28, to a famous telecommunication tycoon, Boonchai Benjarongkakul, in his late 50, nearly the end of last year.]

From Thairath, January 1, 2013
By Chai Ratchwat
Cartoon title: Hello the year of Maseng [small snake]
The verse reads: In the year of Maseng, I wish smiles return to Thai’s face. I pray for a place for good people, and may the gun noise be drowned by the voice of Dhamma. Stop spitting out and showing off the barbaric words and behaviors in the Parliament. Stop drug trafficking, stop your poisonous acts. Above all, all Thai as subjects of His Majesty, we wish him a long life, long long life.

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