New Year’s Cartoons: You Must Follow the Old Chinese Man

From Thairath, January 1, 2020
Title: Happy New year
Poem: New year with happiness. No sadness. Life is full of energy. Having a huge amount of money always. Wishing Reua Pae in the year of Rat to be able to handle problems and help wipe people’s tears out for staying in peace.
Thongchai Na Nakorn
On the boat: Reua pae

[The cartoon hopes the government, specifically led by PM Prayuth, can solve problems to help people live a better life.
“Reua Pae” refers to the government. It comes from the Thai proverb “Getting down to reua pae, then you have to follow pae.”
“Reua” means a “boat” while “pae” is an old Chinese man. In the past, traveling by boat was very popular in Thailand and many boats would have old Chinese men rowing them. Thus, if you wanted to get somewhere, the old Chinese man has to take you.
This phrase was used by Deputy PM Wissanu to indicate that, if you want to work with the government, you have to follow the leader, Prayuth.]

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