New Year’s Cartoons: Wave Goodbye to the Old Year

From Daily News, December 31, 2018
Title: Waving goodbye to the year 2561
Top left, on Santa’s suit: NCPO [picture]
On bag: Welfare from the state
[Refers to the junta under the National Council for Peace and Order (NCPO) led by PM Prayuth trying to win the coming election by launching populist policies and campaigns.]
On flag held by man on Prayuth’s shoulder: Lieutenant-Commander Samarn Kunan [the Thai Navy Seal who died during the cave rescue]

Top middle: On Sudarat’s shorts: PT [Pheu Thai Party; Sudarat is elbowing Thaksin to try to gain control of his Pheu Thai Party]
Top middle right, on man’s pink shirt: Sanoh
On the shirt of the man holding on to the chair: Mark [Democrat Party leader Abhisit; this cartoon refers to political kingpin Sanoh of the Pheu Thai; cartoon he is leading Sudarat while the Demcorat’s Abhisit holds on to the prime minister’s chair; this demonstrates the battle for the PM post; top far right seems to show Thaksin’s sisters Yingluck and Yaowapha fleeing the country]
Middle, the man strutting is Democrat leader Ahbisit. On his shirt: Mark [Ahbisit’s nickname]
On sign he holds: Democrat Party
On yellow sign: Constitution
On sign being held by Red Shirts: Election
Middle far right on the smoke: 30-million lottery
[Refers to the 30-million baht lottery scandal in which two people came forward to claim a winning ticket.]

Bottom left on the basket: Politicians
[Thaksin is carrying a big barrel of politicians and Red Shirts, one who is holding a lighted torch. He carries a bag of money which attracts the politicians. This accuses Thaksin of continuing to be behind major political movements in the country.]
Bottom middle on the left man’s shirt: Trump
On other man’s shirt: China [Refers to the trade ware between the US and China]
Bottom right top: Bang [sound of a gun; refers to construction tycoon Premchai Karnasuta who is accused of poaching protected wildlife in a national park]
Bottom far right, above man with knives stuck in him: Kamnun Suthep [Refers to Suthep Thaugsuban who led the charge to topple the Pheu Thai led government vowing never to enter politics again. In 2018 he went back on the pledge leading to wide condemnation.]
On sign held by pig: Happy New Year of the Pig.

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