New Year’s Cartoons: Poo Left From Last Year

From Matichon, December 31, 2019
On the flag: Goodbye the Year of Pig B.E. 2562
On the pig: Year of Pig B.E. 2562
On the rat: Year of Rat
On pig’s blue poo: Politics, Economy, Environment

[Refers to the change to the new year of Rat based on the Chinese zodiac. The cartoonist shows that in 2020, the country is still facing the old problems from the last year (symbolized by the pig’s poo), such as political instability, economy slowdown and the environment.]

From Thairath, January 3, 2020
Title: Happy New Year B.E. 2563 with a huge amount of pig’s poo.
Pig: Bye Bye
On pig: B.E. 2562 wanted to stay longer. Old power [this is equating the negative things of last year and the pig with the military men who remain in government]
On pig’s poo: Economic problems. Corruption. Political problems. Social problems. Gap. Poverty
On a sign: Best wishes B.E. 2563

[Refers to the ongoing problems from last year, the year of the pig, such as economic, political and social problems which are expected to continue to challenge the government in this year of the rat.]

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