New Year’s Cartoons: Goodbye Dog Year

Thairath, December 31, 2018
Title: Goodbye year of the dog
End of the year of the dog with Kaokonlakao. Goodbye Aujao and Phee Meun with love. Good bye Tham Luang cave. Good bye Ja Sam and Mr.Vichai.
Auy Auy Auy the sound of the bell in the sky. Illegal lottery, watches, Aunties hitting the car without doubt. Please do not ask when the election will be and which party to vote for. But please ask who killed the black panther.
Kitmanoch Rojanasap (Teacher Lilly)

[This is a year-end message written by famous tutor Kitmanoch Rojanasap known as Teacher Lilly. His poem mentions the big news items of 2018 such as the charity run Kaokonlakao by famous rocker Toon Bodyslam to raise funds for nationwide hospitals. Also the football team stuck in Tham Luang cave. During the rescue operation, Lieutenant-Commander Samarn Kunan, alias Ja Sam, a former Navy SEAL, died. King Power and Premier League football club Leicester City’s owner Vichai Srivaddhanaprabha also died in a helicopter crash.
“Auy Auy Auy the sound of the bell in the sky” refers to a temple that was told to lower the noise of their bells after complaints from a condo nearby (such news is notable as temples or wats have been the unquestioned center of community life for centuries and it seemed a shock that there would be complaints about their noise).
The two “furious aunties” attacked a parked pickup truck that blocked their driveway. This sparked a scandal when it was shown that city officials allowed the illegal creation of a market next door to their house, ignoring both the zoning laws and verdicts from the courts. The illegal lottery was still a significant issue as the government still could not control it. Besides of the coming election which people still do not know the date of, the case of the killing a black panther has dragged on with fears that the tycoon who was caught red-handed at the hunting camp will be able to get away with it.

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