New Year’s Cartoons, December 31, 2015


From Dailynews, December 31, 2015
Top left to right: On a rice bag carried by Yingluck: Rice pledging scheme
[Yingluck has been charged over the rice pledging scheme.]
Naked Thaksin: Striping the police’s rank
[The junta stripped Thaksin’s police rank after controversial remarks about the monarchy.]
[Refers to the intervention in Thailand’s domestic affairs by the US]
On flag held by PM Prayuth: Good bye the year 2558 [2015]
On his shirt: NCPO [National Council for Peace and Order]
Tangmo Tono..!!
[Refers to the breakup news of the famous teen couple, actress Tangmo and singer Tono. Tangmo tried to commit suicide after the breakup.]

Middle left to right: Lottery 80 baht
[Refers to the attempt of the junta to solve the lottery’s overpricing problem.]
On the trash: Corruption
[Refers to the junta’s tasks to clean all the corrupt problems in the country.]

Bottom left to right:
On the fallen constitution: Draft constitution
[Refers to the new Constitutional Drafting Committee led by Meechai (man with glasses) who is trying to draft a new constitution which will not be dismissed as was the previous draft written by Borwornsak (man in a bubble).]
On the door: Economy
On the balloons: Inject the funds to help farmers, inject the fund to help SME
[Refer to the slowdown of the Thai economy. The junta has attempted to solve the problem by injecting funds to support farmers and SME groups.
Rajabhakti Park
[Refers to Rajabhakti Park scandal which causes the impact to the credibility of the junta who has been promoting the anti-corruption.]
On the flag held by the monkey: 2559 [2016]
[Refers to the Chinese lunar calendar which indicates that 2016 will be a year of money.]


From Khaosod, December 31, 2015
On Noah’s Ark: Pae
๒๕๕๘ [2015]
[The man is PM Prayuth. The cartoon illustrates PM Prayuth as the god who helps Thai people having a new constitution. The new draft constitution is called “a constitution version of Pae’s boat.” This means that it is drafted following the guidelines of the junta. In Chinese, “Pae” means an old man. Once you jump in Pae’s boat, you have to follow the orders of Pae.]

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