New state in the south

From Thairath, May 13, 2014
Left: The Red Shirt group saw opportunity, thinking of taking the South and establish the Soh.Poh.Poh. Lanna.
[The People’s Democratic Republic of Lanna, this was a new state that some Red Shirts wanted to create to secede from Thailand. The black man is a comedic character in southern traditional shadow puppet shows.]
Middle: Aren’t they afraid of resistance from Southerners?
[The man is Poo Yai Lee who is one of the main characters in artist Chai Ratchawat’s cartoons. The man is a ‘Poo Yai’ or village head.]
Left: Almost all of the Southerners left their homes to demonstrate in Bangkok. [referring to southerners who are mainly supporters of the opposition Democrats who are opposed to Thaksin]

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