New requirements for long stay visa

The vaguely worded media reports in English about a new or updated long stay visa have caused waves of anxiety throughout Thailand’s retired expat community.

For those interested, the information in Thai on the new O-A long stay visa is here: Cabinet Resolutions. For the details, download the Word document that lists all the resolutions.

The point in question is number 8. It does appear to be an update of the requirements for the O-A visa.

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2 Responses to New requirements for long stay visa

  1. Anonymous says:

    I am a Disabled Vietnam Veteran Retired in Thailand, I have a Thai Family and two grown sons here.
    I barely meet the current monetary requirements of the current yearly Visa Scheme.
    I do not have any Health Insurance in Thailand, as I could not find any that was reasonable or affordable.
    Should I have a Medical Emergency too extreme for my current resources in Thailand, I plan to Fly back
    to the States, and enter a VA Medical Center to take care of it, or Die Trying.
    I have to wonder how long it will be before Thai Politicians acquire Compassion for the Elderly,
    Or Common Sense in particular. OK, I understand that Falangs have always been seen as more of
    a Monetary Issue than a Humanitarian one. First seen and experienced when paying 3 to 4 times more
    than Thais at the Market or Shops. This imbalanced perspective has been approved by the Thai Government,
    from the Top Down, as evidenced by the Double Admission Signs at every Park and Tourist Site in Thailand,
    One for Thais and One for Foreigners at a Higher Rate. However or when this attitude started I do not know,
    but it has become a part of the Thai Culture and can be seen as an influence upon Thai Politicians, when
    they are considering Cabinet Resolutions and Laws regarding Foreigners. I must say that having a Thai
    family and living in Thailand for the better part of 20 years, has shown me that the Thai people and culture,
    have many levels, most of which are Loving, Kind, Compassionate, and Understanding. They are quick to
    overlook mistakes by Foreigners. They offer help, friendship, love and understanding in most all circumstances.
    Generally, the one exception is Money, then it is every man for himself, of course there are situations where this is not true.

    Understanding all this, I would ask, that all those involved in Making these Cabinet Resolutions, requirements, and Laws,
    Please consider that those on the Retirement Visa are the Elderly who for whatever reason, have chosen Thailand to
    live out their lives. Consider also that many have years of experience which they are forbidden to use in Thailand.
    Many have Families that they support or provide extra resources to, not to mention that they spend everything into
    the local community which helps to improve the area in which they live.
    All these are positive things that Retirees bring to Thailand, so why do you want to make it Harder for us?

    My Final Question is the same my Children ask me, and that is:
    When will Thailand stop Discriminating against my Falang Mom / Dad

  2. Anonymous says:

    For anyone who wants to make a Suggestion to the Government concerning this
    The government has launched a new multi-lingual hotline, number 1111,
    to receive complaints from foreigners, manned by staff who speak English,
    Japanese and Chinese.
    The service was officially opened by PM’s Office deputy permanent secretary
    Chamroen Yutithamsakul at a press conference.
    He said the hotline would receive general complaints such as issues
    as with tax refunds and about immigration procedures,
    and the staff would forward them to the relevant government agencies.
    The service for foreigners had already been operating on a test basis for six months, he said.
    [email protected]

    Hope this helps to get the Gov out of the Health insurance business, OR provide something reasonable,
    which I have yet to find. Goodluck

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