New protest leader steals the spotlight


From Manager, December 9, 2015
Red Shirt leader Jatuporn: Ten! [nickname of Nattawut]… The NCPO sets the price for I-New more than us. [Meaning the new upstart student leader is considered more dangerous than the old Red Shirt leaders. “I-New” is an impolite way to refer to a person’s name.]
A sign on Jatuporn and Nattawut: 10 baht for 2
A sign on Ja-New: 1,000 baht
Caption: A new mischievous man… is considered at a higher price.

[Refers to a new political movement led by teen activist Ja-New or Sirawith Seritiwat. He and his anti-junta group tried to rally to the Rajabhkti Park in order to call for a investigation of corruption allegations connected with the project. This rally was stopped by the police.
The cartoon pokes fun of the old Red Shirt leaders, who always tried to emphasizes their own importance and influence, being infuriated when another leader steals the spotlight.
In the past, Red Shirt leaders have acted swiftly and frantically when others began to draw the spotlight away from Thaksin and his pardon: All about Sombat Boonngamanong, a rebel Red Shirt]

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