Negotiating with the BRN

From Thairath, June 22, 2013
Cartoon title: Negotiating like this, will they reach agreement by next life’s afternoon?
On chairs, from left: The Royal Thai Army, SBPAC [the Southern Border Provinces Administrative Center], NSC [the Office of the National Security Council]
On back of chairs in the front: People
Sign on table: Deputy Prime Minister [referring to former deputy prime minister Chalerm Ubamrung]
On the TV: BRN’s one-side demand [the man on TV is Hassan Taib, one of BRN Coordinate Group’s representatives in the peace talks with the Thai government]
Phin Nooring: So that the Southerners be happy
Mouse: Develop the South
[Reference is to several announcements of demands from the BRN Coordinate Group, an active insurgent group in the deep three southern provinces. Some observe that the BRN demands became greater in number and aggressiveness, while the violence in the three provinces goes on unabated.]

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