NCPO making us happy

From Thairath, June 12, 2014
Left, Ai Joiy: Since NCPO [National Council for Peace and Order] has been established, happiness in listening to the radio has changed…
Middle Ai Joiy: …Now people stop listening to requested songs.
Man on the right: Then what do they listen to?
Right, Ai Joiy: Listening to lists of names of those to have to go to AF camp on NCPO’s request make us happy already.

[“AF camp” refers to Academy AF, a reality show singing contest. Since the coup the military has been summoning key political and business people to undergo temporary detention. Many of these have been Red Shirts and others connected with the Thaksin political machine.The cartoonist jokingly says this is like the Academy AF reality show.
Surprisingly, after they are released from custody, some of the hardest-line Red Shirts have announced they will now cooperate with the military and forgo other political activity.]

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