Nation reporter Pravit resigns ‘to end pressure’

Nation reporter resigns ‘to end pressure’ – Bangkok Post, September 15, 2015
[The Bangkok Post finally makes mention of the detention of the Nation journalist.]
…“I have decided to resign from The Nation newspaper after a meeting with the management and being requested to quit in order to save the paper from enormous pressure from all sides in the aftermath of me being detained by the military junta,” Pravit wrote on his Facebook page.
The 48-year-old reporter earlier told BBC Thai that he decided to resign to end the pressure the company and his colleagues were facing. He would work at The Nation until the end of this month, ending his 23 years there…

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  1. Wiz says:

    Just before the resignation of Ai Pravit, Khun Kanok said many officers in the Nation Group have become alienated with the Nation Group who keeps protecting Ai Pravit who keep abusing media freedom by airing his defiance against Social Norms of Thai people including the anti monarchy rhetoric – not to mention about anti junta rhetoric – this alienation of Nation Group is going to pressures Nation Group board to find the way to remove Ai Pravit once for all – and now it is Ai Pravit’s resignation as the real answer.

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