Napoleon pig… is in every era

From Manager June 4, 2019
Title: Napoleon pig… is in every era.
Left to right showing Thaksin. Prayuth, and Thanathorn: Past; Present; Future

[Refers to George Orwell’s famous book ‘Animal Farm’ which PM Prayuth suggested for people to read in order to understand the Thai political situation.
In the story, Napoleon is the more-equal-then-others pig who emerges as the leader of all animals after a rebellion.
The cartoonist contends that when a person obtains power from either elections or a coup, they can be become a dictator and use all their means to protect their power.
He suggests that no only did Thaksin and Prayuth become dictators, but that Future Forward Party leader Thanathorn with his bold promises of “Stopping, Cleansing, Destroying” will be the dictator of the future.
On the right, Thanathorn uses the three finger salute which comes from the “Hunger Games” films.]

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