Fighting after raping

From Manager, January 21, 2011

Left, Banharn is saying: Must be 400 + 100
Middle, Abhisit is saying: Must be 400 + 125
Right, Sanan is saying: Must be 375 + 125
A raped woman’s body, who represents Democracy, lays at right.
The men in the background are saying: They cannot reach the agreement on how many babies they should have after the rape.

[This refers to the disagreement over the proposed makeup of MPs to be decided by constitutional amendments.

These changes have nothing to do with fairness or better representation, but are purely meant to spin the political equation by disadvantaging Thaksin’s Pheu Thai Party.

This sort of graphic depiction of rape in a cartoon has become more common in recent years as political enemies attempt to create the most provoking images to demonize their opponents. Here is another one from the same newspaper as well as this cover image in a Red Shirt publication.]

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