NACC to charge 308 lawmakers who voted for constitutional amendment regarding the composition of the Senate

NACC to charge 308 lawmakers – Bangkok Post, January 8, 2014
…If a guilty ruling results from the charges, it would affect the setting up of a new government after the Feb 2 election.
There would be an insufficient number of MPs to convene the House and select the prime minister, said Seree Suwannapanont, a prominent lawyer and former member of the 2007 Constitution Drafting Assembly.
The NACC, however, spared caretaker Prime Minister Yingluck Shinawatra and another 72 lawmakers involved with the charter amendment process from being charged…

Thai anti-graft body says 308 MPs acted illegally – AP, January 7, 2014
…The commission did not explain its ruling. A separate Constitutional Court earlier ruled that the lawmakers acted illegally by violating legislative procedures and threatening to weaken the system of administrative checks and balances…

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