Mysterious no-fly list strands American in Bangkok

American stranded in Bangkok suspects ties to no-fly list –, June 29, 2013
…stranded at the Bangkok airport, sleeping for 10 nights on a roach-infested mattress in a dank, windowless detention room reserved for deportees.
…“They treat you like an animal,” Motiwala said in a phone interview.
…For 10 days, Motiwala was unable to leave the airport detention center because immigration officials said he had exceeded the maximum time allotted to transit passengers.
With no access to his luggage, he wore the same dirty shalwar kameez for two weeks. Bathroom conditions were less than sanitary, he said, so he didn’t shower. Some nights the 15-bed detention room was packed with 40 or more men, some sleeping two to a mattress or crowding together on the floor…

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