Mysterious Beliefs

From ThaiRath, March 20, 2011
The cartoon titles reads: The mysterious belief of six planets lining up in the same orbit – Super Moon

Top left: People flock to pay homage to the 5-legged calf!
Top middle: The hot climate has turned to a cold season!
Top right: The real monk is the real leading actor in an x-rated video clip!
Bottom left: The radioactive ray changes the ability of eye sight by changing black color into white and vice versa!
[This probably refers to the neutron beam observed in Japan around this time. Here, it is implied that impact man’s perception of right and wrong]
Bottom middle: Tsunami causes deluge water to spurt out the parliament with bad odor! [Those saying bad things are said to have spit coming out of their mouths. All of the recent accusations in the censure debate are said to create a flood.]
Bottom right: Dog running out from the honorable! [“Dog” refers to bad words – here coming out of the mouths of MPs during the censure debate.]

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