Myanmar’s moment?

Myanmar’s moment? –, June 9, 2013
…Five sectors – energy and mining, agriculture, manufacturing, tourism, and infrastructure – could account for more than 90 per cent of Myanmar’s total growth and employment potential. Of these, manufacturing, which could take advantage of many companies’ desire to relocate from China and other Asian economies where wages are rising, is by far the most important…

Myanmar: A land of opportunity? –, June 8, 2013
…According to McKinsey Global Institute Myanmar’s economy could quadruple in size to $200bn, with annual growth of 8 percent by 2030,
To actually get to that point, it is going to need to spend an estimated $320bn. But the rewards for the people could be huge: 10 million non-farm jobs could come from all that investment – in a country that right now depends on agriculture…

Myanmar monks say most oppose anti-Muslim campaign – SCMP, June 9, 2013
…But while monks have been at the forefront of anti-Muslim mob violence across the country, others continue to preach a message of peace and tolerance and have been organising humanitarian aid for Muslims displaced by the sectarian conflict.
They say they are in the majority, and that monks who rail against the “Muslim threat” are being exploited for a political agenda. The rival forces are at opposite ends of a battle for the very soul of Buddhism in Myanmar…

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