Myanmar’s Ethnic Violence: Where Is Suu Kyi?

Myanmar’s Ethnic Violence: Where Is Suu Kyi? –, October 28, 2012
…Aung San Suu Kyi has been nearly as quiet, alas. Throughout the violence in Rakhine State, which has gone on for months now, Suu Kyi has said almost nothing, even as other leading members of her party have issued harsh, anti-Muslim statements. During her recent trip to the United States, Suu Kyi mostly dodged questions about the violence, and she has been vilified by some Muslim leaders in Myanmar for her silence…

US’s lost moral compass in Myanmar –, October 30, 2012
…This is because American policymakers have not had an open debate with full disclosure on how to best engage Myanmar. As a result, the US is now arguably making some of the same mistakes made in Iraq and Afghanistan. These have come at an incredible cost in lives lost and others tragically altered, in a staggering national debt and in a loss of US credibility after decades of high stature around the world.
The Obama administration has decided, in the face of valid protest, to embrace Myanmar’s reformist government led by President Thein Sein, who served as prime minister under the previous abusive military junta. The US has effectively shifted course and given favor to a strong central government and army dominated by urban ethnic Burmans…

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