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Myanmar Watch
September 26-October 2, 2007

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The 2Bangkok Weekend Edition is here.

CNN video of beatings - October 3, 2007
You can view this type of file with Miro (formerly Democracy Player).

Security forces search for protesters photographs in hand - Mizzima News, October 3, 2007
Famous Burmese actor Kyaw Thu sheltered in Thailand - Mizzima News, October 3, 2007
Junta Leader's Family Still Out of Burma—Says Diplomat - The Irrawaddy, October 3, 2007
...So far, the rumor mill has covered a wide base: Than Shwe's family is said to be in Vientiane, Laos; Macau, China; or Dubai, United Arab Emirates.
The family is believed to have left Rangoon on the day security forces opened fire on protesting monks and demonstrators.
The Bangkok-based newspaper The Nation earlier reported that Than Shwe’s wife had fled to Thailand. Then, she was reported to be in Dubai, where she was allegedly spotted by some Burmese who live there.  That report said Burmese tycoon Tay Za was accompanying the family...

On the forum: Burmese joke
Burma Information Blackout: The Media War - The Irrawaddy, October 2, 2007
...This week, the incoming news has slowed down, and images are in short supply, yet the violent crackdown continues. Burma news has slipped back, replaced by the Ukraine election, the South Korean president’s visit to the north and events in Iraq...

Rangoon's Journals are Paralyzed - The Irrawaddy, October 2, 2007
...Residents in Rangoon are “giving their attention and interest to the protests, but we can not report the story and provide the information the public wants, so we know that they won’t buy our news journals,” an editor said...

We Want Justice - Burma Digest, October 2, 2007

Burma: Thousands dead in massacre of the monks dumped in the jungle - Daily Mail, October 2007
Sonthi says 'live with Burma' - Bangkok Post, September 30, 2007

Who needs Thailand? - The Star Online, September 29, 2007
Admitting that Thailand and Asean are in over their heads, Prime Minister Surayud Chulanont finally mustered enough courage to call on China and India to use their influence to end the violence in trouble-plagued Myanmar...

Did Than Shwe’s Wife Flee to Dubai? - The Irrawaddy, September 30, 2007
...It has been suggested that they went to Dubai. But Bangkok-based newspaper The Nation earlier reported that Than Shwe’s wife had fled to Thailand.
However, a Burmese worker in Dubai who requested anonymity informed other Burmese in exile that he saw Kyaing Kyaing and her family members checked in at the most expensive hotel in Dubai and the tallest hotel in the world, the Dubai Burj Al Arab...


Protest at the Chinese Embassy
On the 2Bangkok YouTube channel are two clips (one and two) showing a group of Burmese shouting slogans in front of the Chinese Embassy (GoogleEarth Placemark) on Ratchadapiesek Road in Bangkok at 12:11pm, September 30, 2007. Cars on the road are backed up to take a look at the protest while reporters photograph the incident and police take photos of the protesters (below).


RIGHTS-BURMA: Whiteshirts - Junta's Storm Troopers - IPS, September 30, 2007
In much the same way that Italy’s Benito Mussolini and Germany’s Adolph Hitler unleashed their respective ‘blackshirts’ and ‘brownshirts’ to terrorise dissenters, Burma’s military regime has deployed its ‘whiteshirts’ against protesting Buddhist monks and civilians...

Breaking news of September 30 - from Burma Myanmar Genocide

To take records of Dead Bodies in the River
Burmese democratic activists have announced to inform and to take records and photographs of any corpses at the lower delta of Yangon River and Hlaing River in Yangon.

A high school student got shot

Ko Hla: A high school student was shot down in South Oakkalapa Township yesterday. The student’s parents managed to get his body but the military search the whole quarter and took back the body by force later.

Myanmar notes

* Interesting to note that the Myanmar government's New Light of Myanmar website in English stopped updating on September 26, 2007. Perhaps the outrageous propaganda on the site does not play well in English: Some monks and people enter homes - Saboteurs threaten families demanding them to join protest if not provide cash, kind

* Naypyidaw: Abode of Kings in a Derelict Kingdom - photos of Myanmar's new capital under construction

* Another interesting website:
More nogs (news blogs)

"Ultimatum to the Government of People's Republic of China" - Burma Myanmar Genocide, September 29, 2007

Wrap-up of events from Burma Digest: "September blood bath in Burma"

(Photo: Dorepo)

Scenes from a protest at the Myanmar Embassy in Bangkok - September 28, 2009

A rally on Sunday was stopped by police: Police foil Burmese workers' plan to rally in front of Burmese embassy - The Nation, September 29, 2007
Samut Sakhon - Police dispersed some 40 Burmese workers who gathered here late Saturday night to travel to rally in front of the Burmese embassy in Bangkok Sunday.
The workers were gathering near a vehicle flyover in Krathum Ban district and were negotiating to hire a bus to transport them to Bangkok.
Police questioned their plan and learnt that they wanted to demonstrate against the Burmese junta in front of the Burmese embassy.
The workers were found to carry proper working permits so they were asked to disperse and go home.

(Photo: Dorepo)

(Photo: Dorepo)

The Irrawaddy’s Web site Disabled by Virus - The Irrawaddy, September 29, 2007

Earlier: We still think it is more likely that a switch to a flash-laden entry page caused them to exceed their bandwidth...
The Irrawaddy off-line - September 29, 2007
Unfortunately, The Irrawaddy is is off-line as of Saturday and returns a "Bandwidth Limit Exceeded" error. Usually the site is text and a few small photos, but they unwisely decided to cover the present crisis by adding multiple Flash photo slideshows to their front page...

Oil companies keep up Myanmar ties - CNN, September 29, 2007
Photos from Yangon today
More Breaking news of September 29
Here and here.

Breaking news of September 29
burmanow is posting translations of the various Myanmar blogs about what is happening today:

29 Sep 07, 11:56 second man: Junta's strategies to squash demonstrators have changed a bit. It is reported that they will be using snipers to shoot down leaders. More systematic approach to corner demonstrators from both sides like yesterday in Pansodan Street.

29 Sep 07, 11:30 - MyoThant: A group of 88-generation activists are urging UN and US & UK embassies in Rangoon to open a 1-page web service via WIFI access to general public just to submit news photos (with user name: 2007, pw: 2007). Please write to them to request this.

29 Sep 07, 08:21 Niknayman: Than Shwe's private puppet organization called USDA is now gathering to do a progovernment protest. They demand a compulsory participation of 1 person per family in some parts of the town, to show some activity to the special UN delegate Mr. Gambari.

Sights and sounds of protest
Here is a Quicktime clip of a shooting on September 27, 2007. Parts of this clip have been shown on CNN and BBC, but they always omit the sound so that foreign guest experts can be questioned and explain they have no idea what is really going on...
With the sound, one can hear the roar of the crowd and the echo of gunfire. Here is the caption for the clip: This video clip was taken by a civilian journalist on September 27, 2007 north of Sule Pagoda in Rangoon where Japanese journalist Kenji Nagai was shot in the chest by Burmese soldiers. It was filmed minutes before he was killed nearby.

More blogs added to the list
On Wikipedia: Burma vs Myanmar naming
Satellite images corroborate eyewitness accounts of human rights abuses in Burma, AAAS reports - AAAS, September 28, 2007
A new analysis of high-resolution satellite images completed by the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS) pinpoints evidence consistent with village destruction, forced relocations, and a growing military presence at 25 sites across eastern Burma where eyewitnesses have reported human rights violations...
View a full copy of the Burma report.
[14.8 MB, but well worth downloading.]
Rumors and rumors of rumors - September 29, 2007

* We just thought we would note how blog posts can get spun into something more concrete. For instance, First Post is reporting claims by Helfen ohne Grenzen (Help without Frontiers) that appear to be based on speculation by dissident Burmese news sources concerning a mutiny or coup in Myanmar. It is interesting to see how "speculation" over troop movements ends up being reported as a "mutiny" and "coup". All the sources do state however that there is no independent confirmation of these rumors.

* Those who follow Myanmar news know that independent news sources run by dissidents outside of Myanmar are always predicting the imminent collapse of the ruling regime. The glut of "collapse is imminent" news is also why foreign "experts" on Myanmar originally shrugged off the importance of the current protests when they started.

The Citizen Journalists
The real source of news these days is citizen journalists and their news blogs or "nogs." It is interesting how the big media outlets--particularly CNN--give much time to reporting about this new trend, but never seem to want to publicize the urls of the blogs they are sourcing their news from.

Here are some of the best ones: Mogok Media - Mizzima News - Soneseayar - Reporter Diary - justice and injustice - Niknayman - MMEDWatch - Mandalay Gazette - ko htike's prosaic collection

More: Burma-Myanmar Genocide 2007 - Yanaung - drlunswe -

(Source: Photo posted on Niknayman blog)

Protests continue - Friday, September 28, 2007

Right: Monasteries locked down by Tatmadaw soldiers from gmhembree's photos on Flickr

(Source: Photo from gmhembree's photos on Flickr)

Myanmar junta supremo's family leaves country - merinews, September 28, 2007
... The family of eight was said to have boarded Myanmar ’s Air Bagan flight, which landed in Vientiane at 6 p.m. (local time) on Thursday.
The chartered flight carried eight passengers. Than Shwe’s close associate Tayza, a business tycoon in Myanmar, owns the airline.
The passengers were said to be close relatives of Than Shwe including his wife Daw Kyaing Kyaing...

Today's news from The Irrawaddy (seems to be timing out periodically): Trucks loaded with troops raided the offices of Burma's main Internet service provider, Myanmar Info-Tech, located at Rangoon University (Hlaing campus) around noon on Friday in an effort to cut all public access to the internet...
She said the demonstrators were boxed in between Anawrahta Road and Maha Bandoola Road. Dozens of protesters were arrested, bound and beaten. The troops pursued fleeing people into buildings, she said, singling out people with cameras. If they were arrested, the troops beat them while shouting, “Is it you who sends those pictures out?”...
Burmese authorities announced they are to make house-by-house calls on homes in the area round the Sule Pagoda in downtown Rangoon, checking on residents. The Sule Pagoda is a rallying point of the demonstrations rocking Rangoon, and many protesters seek shelter in nearby homes...
[Someone who knows Yangoon streets should make Google Earth Placemarks for these locations.]

From ko htike's prosaic collection:
Friday, 28 September 2007
Burma time 14:28
Thousands of protester are on the street of YGN, now.

(ko htike's prosaic collection has a good 2Bangkok-style hour-to-hour news feed of events as they are happening.)

Speculation over possible confrontation among Burmese generals - Troops marching to Rangoon - Burmese Air Force planes airborne - Mizzima News

Elected Representatives Plan Rangoon March; Overnight Raid on Mandalay Monastery - The Irrawaddy, September 28, 2007
Representatives who were elected in the 1990 elections that were nullified by the junta plan to hold a demonstration march in Rangoon on Friday, on the third day of public protests in which military authorities killed at least nine people.
Australian Ambassador Bob Davis told CNN that he believed the true death toll ran into "multiples" of the official figure...

Protests - Thursday, September 27, 2007

Latest from Burma Digest: Gruesome Murders on Streets of Burma

Burma Protests: the Situation on September 27

Burmese laymen pick up monks' protest, two foreigners dead - The Nation, September 27, 2007

The government line - New Light of Myanmar: Protesters throw stones at members of security forces and use catapults Two senior police, six others wounded One protester killed, three wounded
Some monks and people enter homes Saboteurs threaten families demanding them to join protest if not provide cash, kind Authorities urge people to make complaints in person or on line to Ward PDCs, Township PDCs or local authorities against intimidations, extortions, coercion

Protests - Wednesday, September 26, 2007

"Protest walk not the work of Sangha When there was no response from Kyakhatwaing Monastery, NLD protesters shouted rude and rough words" - New Light of Myanmar, September 26, 2007

More from Burma Digest
  • Photo: Bloody Crack Down in Burma
  • Photo: People under Attack from soldiers
  • Video: Demonstrations despite Bloody Crack down
  • Video Request by Student Leader Moe Thee Zun
  • Those who have become trapped in the clutch of the SPDC
  • Time for soldiers to show their courage
  • Polite, Realistic Reminder to the Burmese Generals

    Junta's crackdown on protesters kills 5 - The Nation, September 26, 2007

    On the forum: Myanmar crackdown begins

  • Burmese Junta Orders State Emergency, Authorizes Use of Weapons, Says Source - The Irrawaddy, September 19, 2007
    ...Police officials in Naypyidaw, the regime's new capital, issued a state of emergency order to local police on September 6, said the source.
    The military and police have been told to prepare for any eventuality and to stockpile weapons, loudspeakers, cameras, barbed wire, bullet proof jackets, red and blue colored scarves, medical supplies and other equipment. Hospitals have been told to prepare for large numbers of injured persons, according to sources...


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