Myanmar Will Not Recognize Rohingyas on Upcoming Census

Myanmar Will Not Recognize Rohingyas on Upcoming Census – RFA, March 13, 2014
Muslim Rohingyas will not be included as an ethnic group in Myanmar’s first census exercise in more than 30 years because the government does not recognize them as belonging to a national ethnicity, an official said Thursday, dispelling online reports that the group would be acknowledged in the survey…

Myanmar: Why is the Clergy Angry? –, March 13, 2014
…The primary force driving this pogrom is the rising Islamophobia among the clergy and masses in Myanmar. The paranoia among Rakhine Buddhists of a potential Islamization of the country — as with Indonesia and Malaysia in the 12th and 15th centuries, respectively — is deeply-entrenched…

Private Myanmar newspapers struggle to stay afloat – AP, March 13, 2014
…Khin Maung Lay is one of many Myanmar journalists who last year embraced the chance to produce independent daily newspapers free from censorship for the first time in five decades. It was not the government that shut him down, but economics: His paper and others have been losing money as they struggle to compete with state-owned papers for advertisers and circulation…

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