My lackeys… It’s time to wake up now!


From Manager, September 11, 2014
Demon tree, representing Thaksin: My lackeys… It’s time to wake up now!
Caption: Being dead for 3 months… they start to revive.

[After the military government was formed, the Pheu Thai Party and the Red Shirt movement is being revived by a reported grand meeting with Thaksin in Hong Kong from September 23-25. According to news reports, Thaksin suggested that Pheu Thai’s former ministers and Red Shirt leaders meet him there.
Thaksin is often represented as a tree since, despite the cutting off of branches, such as the dissolution of his parties or arrests of Red Shirt leaders, the tree itself is still alive and can sprout new branches.
The cartoon shows red buffaloes, Red Shirt leaders, and a toad representing Jatuporn (Jatuporn’s opponents nickname him “toad”) rising from their hiding places to ignite the push for a Thaksin return again.]

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