Must be rid of obsolete things

From Thairath, July 18, 2013
Cartoon title: Must be rid of obsolete things
Left: Garbage of the religion
Items: The banished Kham [referring to Luang Poo Nen Kham]; be promiscuous and a con [man]; Luang Poo’s teachings; deceitful; sacred objects
Right: Political garbage in democracy
Paper hanging from the bin: Elected senators
Papers in the bin from front left: Independent organizations, dictators’ slaves; waiting to topple the government; justice of a coup d’etat; 100 dead bodies
Garbage on the ground, from left: destroy the rice mortgage project; release news on rotten rice; intervene with executive authority, overlapping the legislature
Bag on the right side of bin: obstruct the constitution amendment and amnesty
Phi Nooring: Living will make the country deteriorate.
Mouse: The movement harmful to people.
[This refers to a recent scandal where a popular monk was found to be living a lavish lifestyle and had amassed a large amount of money. The cartoonist compares this to the scandals and attacks that the government has faced.]

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