Bangkok’s Art Museum


Bangkok's Art Museum - August 5, 2010

Above: Museum visitors viewing Somsak Raksuwan's Pull Game

Right: Chatchaval Khonkajee's We are 'the zip'

The art museum is actually three stories of gallery space on top of four stories of coffee shops. There does not appear to be any permanent exhibits at this point.

Museum website


Management shake-up for the BACC - Bangkok Post, July 23, 2009
Artists demand that the BMA cede control of the Bangkok Art and Culture Centre to an independent foundation...

Arts centre will open with a bang, but what then? - The Nation, June 21, 2008

Art centre to open at end of 2006 - The Nation, July 5, 2005
..."The Bangkok Metropolitan Administration [BMA] will launch the Bt438-million Bangkok Art & Culture Centre on July 28 at Benjasiri Park on Sukhumvit Road with a series of activities related to art and culture," Bangkok Governor Apirak Kosayodhin announced yesterday at the city hall.
...The governor said the new centre is planned to open in December 2006 to celebrate His Majesty the King's 80th birthday. The BMA has decided to stick with the model designed by the architectural firm Robert G Boughey & Associates, which won the bid when Bhichit Rattakul was governor seven years ago...


Visions of Bangkok from Architect 2004
Above is a model of a design for the Bangkok Art Museum.

Apirak vows to complete arts centre - The Nation, February 3, 2005
Bangkok Governor Apirak Kosayodhin yesterday vowed to complete construction of the capital’s arts centre by December next year – in time for His Majesty the King’s 80th birthday...

Fortuitous omen for city arts centre - The Nation, November 09, 2004
...The inspired idea of creating a city arts centre at the bustling Pathumwan intersection, where contemporary art, popular culture and consumerism converge, has been long in the pipeline. The Bangkok Metropolitan Administration (BMA), under the guidance of Governor Apirak Kosayodhin, should be commended for giving priority to this on-again-off-again project and getting things moving early in his tenure. The city has already approved the project, which will now cost an estimated Bt504 million, compared to an earlier projection of Bt300 million. According to the BMA, the central government is expected to absorb 70 per cent of the costs, while the city will cough up the rest.
...The city has decided to stick with the design submitted by architectural firm Robert G Boughey & Associates, which also designed SCB Park on Ratchayothin Road. According to the plans, the 11-storey arts centre will have total floor space of 23,203 square metres...

Briefing held at city hall fails to attract new bidders for contract - The Bangkok Post, September 25, 2002
Quotes and proposed building designs must be submitted by Nov 26.... The joint venture said small changes would be made to their successful design _ which included 30,000 square metres of utility space and parking for 800 cars _ to better suit the criteria set by the city administration. The design allocated 16,000sq/m for the art gallery and the rest for commercial use. The height of the original design was reported to violate the building act.

Controversial design gets city hall nod - The Bangkok Post, April 26, 2002
The shopping center/art museum is approved.

Website to promote original museum plan - April 19, 2002
Anyone know the address of the website in question?: The Network for Contemporary Arts Museum will open a website to detail alleged irregularities behind the BMA's decision to provide a concession to a private company to build and operate the museum, said the network's secretary-general, Jumpol Apisuk.... "This is very weird. The ground to seventh floor will be a parking lot while the museum will be on the eighth floor. This is not a museum but a car-park building," Wasant said. (Details of alleged irregularities in revised project to be exposed online, The Nation, April 19, 2002)

What happened to our art museum? - March 28, 2002
From a Bangkok Post article on an upcoming exhibit to support an art museum in Bangkok: The concept of the museum was conceived by the Bangkok Metropolitan Administration (BMA) under governor Pichit Rattakul to commemorate the Golden Jubilee of His Majesty the King's accession to the throne in 1996. The architectural design was approved, the construction bid process completed, and the foundation stone laid on May 7, 2000. And yet everything has come to a standstill with the arrival of new BMA governor Samak Sundaravej, who felt that the BMA did not have enough money to finance the project, despite the fact that his predecessor had already allocated a budget for it. Governor Samak reviewed the project, turning it around into a long-term concession, which would allow the private sector to invest in, and profit from, the construction of a shopping centre and car-park.

Four companies to bid for Bangkok art center - Bangkok Post, February 6, 2002
....Charnchai Panasutthikarn, deputy chief of the Social Welfare Department, said the four were Design and Development, Ruam Nakhon Construction, Infinite Engineering and Construction, and Wora Nithat.
They were among 17 companies eligible for the original bidding on Nov 5 which was cancelled because no bidders turned up amid protests by artists opposed to the project....
The winning bidder would develop the 2.3 rai of land opposite Mahboon-krong shopping mall and allocate half of the usable area, with a minimum of 16,000sqm, for an art gallery, parking lots, library and a museum administration office....
Jumpol Aphisuk, of the Artists Network for Bangkok Metropolitan Art Centre, warned would-be developers about uncertainties surrounding the project, as the group was about to file a complaint with the Administrative Court. The artist network accused the city administration, under Governor Samak Sundaravej, of irregularities in favouring private investors by altering the museum's original design to a shopping mall-style museum.
(excerpted from the Bangkok Post, February 6, 2002)
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