Mrs. Lee Rhodes of Kanchanaburi
คุณลี โรดส์ แห่งกาญจนบุรี

Alex writes: Mrs. Lee Rhodes, of Kanchanaburi (of the River Kwai Family Camp) has passed away. I and several hundred expats all around the world, are in mourning… That is all…

The remarkable Mrs Rhodes – Bangkok Post, August 29, 2010
Meet the Kingdom’s longest serving expatriate _ a woman who dedicated most of her long life to the development of horse riding in Thailand. Now aged 94, her passion for those four-legged friends remains as strong as ever…

Kwae Horse Camp website

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2 Responses to Mrs. Lee Rhodes of Kanchanaburi
คุณลี โรดส์ แห่งกาญจนบุรี

  1. Lee Vanderhoef says:

    Oh, Oh, Oh…!! I feel a bit lost. I was just checking out the Camp for an extended visit when I saw that Mrs. Rhodes’ spirit passed on
    . I pray she had a peaceful transition to her new place in the Universe. Vera and Puki, please know that since 1956 Mrs. Rhodes and you two have remained treasured parts of my life’s experience…..

    Gosh…I was just plotting a long trip to Thailand to see her once again…and now I do… my mind’s memory eye

    Many Blessings , Lee Vanderhoef

  2. Karin Meyer says:

    Vera and Puki,
    i am so sorry. Back in 1980 we all had a remarkable time in Bangkok and the Camp.
    I never will forget Mrs. Rhodes and her commitment to horses.
    Karin (Nürnberg, Germany)

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