Mr. Suthep keeps slowly feeding fried noodle to Mr. Thaksin

From Manager, June 9, 2014
Gen. Prayuth: That’s right… Mr. Suthep keeps slowly feeding fried noodle to Mr. Thaksin. Yes, it’s so cute. From now on, they stop fighting.
Caption: We may see this picture soon.

[After the military conducted a coup, the National Council for Peace Order led by army commander Gen. Prayuth Chan-ocha has attempted to create a peaceful atmosphere. One of their missions is to dissolve rival political groups. Photos of Red Shirt leaders and People’s Democratic Reform Committee (PDRC) joining hands together have been released to the public.
Powerful Thai men sometimes feed each other in a sort of ritualized show of camaraderie. Here Yellow Shirt Suthep feeds Thaksin noodles and it seems they may not be sincere in their friendship, but they are fooling Gen. Prayuth.]

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