Mr. Sukhumbahnd or the Pig

From Manager, February 13, 2013
Left: Pig: Please vote for me…
Caption: Starting out as a polite Moo [pig]
Right: Pig: Asking me this question is so damn insulting… Don’t you insult me because I’m the Democrat guy.
Caption: Ending up being despicable Moo
[Moo means pig. Also, Moo is a nickname of Mr. Sukhumbahnd Paribatra, a candidate for the Bangkok governor election. Other than the PAD/ASTV despising the Democrats, what is the meaning of this cartoon?
Update: As a commenter pointed out, this refers to a speech the Democrat candidate gave on February 8 where he lost his temper and went into Thai “big man” mode, arrogantly cursing the press.]

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One Response to Mr. Sukhumbahnd or the Pig

  1. Peppy says:

    The cartoon is commenting on this campaign speech by M.R. Sukhumbhand given at Lumpini Park on Feb. 8:

    He starts off speaking softly and politely, but around the four minute mark he starts talking about the people who question his allegiance to the Democrats, and by the fifth minute it’s a full blown rant. The vulgar language in the second panel of the cartoon is an actual quote from his speech.

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