Mr. Sukhumbahnd or the Pig

From Manager, February 13, 2013
Left: Pig: Please vote for me…
Caption: Starting out as a polite Moo [pig]
Right: Pig: Asking me this question is so damn insulting… Don’t you insult me because I’m the Democrat guy.
Caption: Ending up being despicable Moo
[Moo means pig. Also, Moo is a nickname of Mr. Sukhumbahnd Paribatra, a candidate for the Bangkok governor election. Other than the PAD/ASTV despising the Democrats, what is the meaning of this cartoon?
Update: As a commenter pointed out, this refers to a speech the Democrat candidate gave on February 8 where he lost his temper and went into Thai “big man” mode, arrogantly cursing the press.]

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