Move to the Jurassic era

From Manager, April 3, 2018
Thanathorn: Pa Noh? [“Pa Sanoh,” “Pa” is a Chinese word meaning “daddy” used to signify respect.]
On a sign held by Thanathorn: Move to the future
On a sign held by Sanoh: Move to the Jurassic era
Caption: Next election will have various forms.

[Refers to the coming election which will be an intense competition among various kinds of political groups.
Sanoh Thienthong from the Pheu Thai Party, represents the conventional old politicians. Such politicians are often represented as dinosaurs.
Billionaire Thanathorn Juangroongruangkit, with his party called Anakot Mai, or Future Forward Party, has been vowing he wants a new style of politics and offers a new choice for those tired of voting for the same old faces.
However, he is also derided as another mega-rich Thaksin supporter who uses the revolutionary terminology of the Red Shirts. This anti-Thaksin cartoonist almost certainly would think this, but we are not entirely sure of the joke or message of this cartoon.]

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