More violence from the Yoobamrung family

From Manager, July 24, 2018
Wan Yoobamrung: Oh, dad… Why you lost your charisma like this… Threaten to hit their heads and let me out like the past… Make them know… who my dad is!!!
Caption: Then, Wan has realized… this time his dad is not big anymore.

[Refers to Chalerm Yoobamrung’s son Wan who was recently arrested on an assault charge.
In his younger years he popularized the saying “do you know whose my dad is?” This saying was used to face down police who attempted to stop him from his frequent brawling.
Chalerm always managed to get his sons out of trouble, but the scandals, which included the public murder of a police officer, certainly impacted his political fortunes.
Chalerm used his close association with the ever-popular Thaksin to gain appointments for his sons in both People Power Party and Pheu Thai governments, much to the dismay of critics who lamented the impunity of the Thai elite to escape justice.
Chalerm was always an odd man out in politics, even in Thaksin’s camp, hated for his opportunistic brashness and seen as ever on the lookout to gain the prime minister’s post for himself.
In the present political climate, Chalerm’s power is even more diminished as both the Red Shirts and the Pheu Thai fragments, with many joining pro-junta parties.
Thus, the cartoonist jokes that, this time, he does not have the influence to get his “brawling brat” son out of legal trouble.]

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