More Thailand Mentions in the Wikileaks Gitmo Docs

More Thailand Mentions in the Wikileaks Gitmo Docs – April 26, 2011

Bashir Lap
…Detainee cased flights at Don Muang Airport in Bangkok, Thailand (TH) for suicide operations to attack Israeli citizens, as well as foreign embassies, particularly the US Embassy, in Kuala Lumpur, MY.
…In March 2003, detainee attempted to join the Royal Thai Air Force in order to learn to fly airplanes under the alias Usman Waayita.
…Detainee also stated he wanted to conduct a suicide bombing in the area of Ban Gan Pu on Kowsan Road, an area well-known in Bangkok as a tourist attraction with many hotels, dance clubs, and bars…

Mohd Farik Bin Amin
…Additionally, detainee targeted, planned, and cased western targets in both Thailand (TH) and Cambodia (CB) for future terrorist attacks to include the British Embassy in Phnom Penh, CB.
…Shortly after detainee cased the Don Muang airport, he also cased the Israeli Embassy in Bangkok, TH. Detainee stated he cased the Israeli Embassy from the outside approximately one month after he observed the El Al flight. Detainee concluded that operations against the Israeli Embassy would be difficult without a contact on the inside and noted that JI did not have such a contact.
…Some time after that, he went to an internet cafe in Thailand to send an email to his associates in Malaysia and then went to a bookstore to read. Detainee was arrested when he left the bookstore.

And Hambali, perhaps the most famous al-Qaeda fugitive, captured in Ayuthaya in 2003.

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