More Thai newspapers on the King’s birthday celebrations


From Bangkok Post, December 6, 2014


From Daily News, December 7, 2014
Thais rejoice the King’s birthday.
Long live the King. People light up the candles and unite.
The Crown Prince makes merits for the King’s birthday on 5 December at the Grand Palace.


From KhaoSod, December 7, 2014
All Thais are happy the King is getting better from his illness although doctors advise him to rest one month for recovery.
People wearing yellow shirts shout ‘Long live the King’ and light up the candles for his birthday celebration.


From Komchadluek, December 7, 2014
Long live the King
People show their loyalty to the King while the Crown Prince attends the religious service on December 5
Thais shows their loyalty due to the King’s birthday. They shout ‘Long live the King’ loudly. The Crown Prince made merit on behalf of his father on December 5. A number of People in Hua Hin also show their loyalty at Klai Kangwon Palace.


From Matichon, December 7, 2014
‘Long live the King’
People light up the candles to celebrate the King’s birthday.
A crowd of people wait outside Siriraj Hospital. The doctor says the King cancelled his royal activities.
The Crown Prince attends the religious service on behalf of his father.


From Thairath, December 7, 2014
People wish for long life of the King.
Candles are lighted up
Doctors say to cancel all his royal activities
His health condition is still good.
A number of people show their loyalty by wearing yellow shirts, lighting up candles and shouting ‘Long Live the King.’ They also intend to make goodness as a present to the King.

Thai newspapers on The King’s Birthday

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