More Thai-language editorial cartoons on Thai-U.S. relations

From Manager, April 7, 2015
Obama: Is it worth enough to exchange them for this dog that has leprosy? [the square faced dog is Thaksin]
On the sign: Celebrating Thailand-China-Russia relations [Chinese President Xi Jingping, Deputy PM Gen. Prawit Wongsuwan and Russian President Vladimir Putin are celebrating]
Caption: Start to think about this…

[Refers to the ties between Thailand and China and Russia which recently have been improved amid the decline of relations between the junta and the U.S. government. Some Thais interpret U.S. calls for immediate elections, which would undoubtedly lead to the return of the Pheu Thai Party to power, as being proof that the U.S. wants Thaksin to run the country.
“A dog with leprosy” is an expression to indicate something that no one wants.]

From Komchadluek, March 25, 2015
Toad: The constitution is unfair. The Constitution is unfair.
[This shows Red Shirt leader Jatuporn wearing Uncle Sam’s hat and insisting the new constitution is unfair.]


From Naewna, April 3, 2015
U.S. shadow: Ha, ha. We will follow you even in the next life.
Caption: Thailand’s enemy from a previous life
[In Buddhism, a person may have their enemy from the previous life follow them into a new life. This enemy will impede that person in everything he does. The cartoonist contends that the U.S. is Thailand’s enemy in the past and remains so as it steadfastly opposes the junta’s activities and calls for an end to martial law.]


From Naewna, April 3, 2015
Buffalo: Foreigners don’t want Section 44!!
PM Prayuth: They always let the foreigners lead them by the nose!! Sigh…
Above the iron ball: Section 44
[Refers to anti-junta groups, such as the Red Shirts, who allegedly cooperate with the international community to pressure the junta government. Also note the anti-Semitic stereotypical portrayal of the foreigner.]


From Naewna, April 7, 2015
Above the Democracy Monument: Economic, Social and political crisis
Uncle Sam: You don’t need to care about the fire. You’d better promptly conduct the election followed the road map that you committed to or your country will not be democratic.
[Refers to calls from the U.S. for the junta to immediately conduct elections to bring the country back to democracy. However, the junta has insisted that the reason for the coup was to forestall violence on the streets and armed separatism.]


From an image circulated on social media
Title: I’ll buy it. This man is so annoying. It’s 80 baht.
Obama: Do you have number 44?
Bottom right: We love Gen. Prayuth
[Refers to the issue of Section 44 that replaces martial law. Gen. Prayuth is a lottery ticket seller and President Obama is apparently annoyed at having to ask for a ticket that ends in 44.]

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