More signs of injustice

From Thairath, November 2, 2020
Title: Just hold it for fun, but it’s true.
On the sign held by the police officer: Work hard, but the boss takes a commission off.
Signs on the right from top to bottom: Bribe for illegal lottery; Gambling den; ฺBrothel
Students: Don’t be a slave of the dictator.
Phi Nooring: [The police] being strongly insulted by the kids
Mouse: Feeling of the police

[Refers to a recent incident when a fed-up police officer held up a sign in public to protest the kickbacks that police officers have to give up to their immediate superiors.
This incident was immediately seized upon by student protesters to call on the police to support their demands for the PM to step down and to reform the monarchy.
This would be a return to the circumstances during and after the Thaksin years when the police seemed to be siding with Thaksin and the Red Shirts, being unwilling to quickly arrest the Red Shirt movement’s leaders.
In the cartoon, student protesters call on the police to side with the students and their demands due to the corruption and injustice endemic within police ranks.]

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