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From Manager, June 22, 2017
The woman wears a shirt that reads: Thai people
Above left, PM Prayuth: Please let us buy a submarine.
Woman: Yes.
Above right: Please let us build a high speed train.
Woman: Yes.
Below left: Please let the [foreign] investors have the Sor.Por.Kor. [land]
Woman: Yes.
Below right: Please let us help the poor with a rice pledging scheme at 15,000 [baht per ton].
The woman is silent.
Caption: If one day they ask this… would the answer be the same?

[This references several projects the junta has pushed through–often under unclear terms. These include the purchase of a submarine, a high-speed train deal with China, and the leasing of Sor.Por.Kor. land (Agricultural Land Reform deeded land) to foreign investors.
All of these world normally be controversial for many reasons (scale, transparency, nationalism), and junta opponents have vigorously cried foul, but the public in general seems uninterested in objecting to the deals.
However, even under this seemingly public acquiescence to big spending, the cartoonist questions whether people would even again allow a treasury-busting rice pledging scheme like the one enacted by the previous Pheu Thai government.]

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