More protest cartoons

From Manager, September 16, 2020
Left: Today the global number of Covid cases… increases more than a hundred thousand…
Caption: The world problem
Right: Today the number of democratically-addicted people increases by more than a hundred thousand…
Caption: …in Thailand

[Refers to the surge in public support for democratic reforms in Thailand. This cartoon ridicules this, contending that the issue is not important at this time when the world is struggling with the pandemic.
For the opposition to the government, it is likely seen as the perfect time for protest, at the depths of economic distress, when the military-dominated government might be more receptive to pressure.]

From Naewna, From September 14, 2020
Penguin: I will turn the world over and overthrow the country.
Capton: Big Guin is really bigger than the country.

[Refers to the leader of student protests Parit “Penguin” Chiwarak who is accused of being hugely overconfident in leading his group to reform the monarchy.]

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